Thursday, September 8, 2011

Embracing the camera

I've decided to "embrace the camera".
Simply put, it's getting out from behind the camera
and getting in the pictures.

So, here we go,
crow's feet and all:

I have very few pictures of my mom and I from when I was a child,
but this one is my favorite:
I love this picture
and I know Alice will cherish the pictures
of the two of us as well.

I'm not going to commit to doing this every week.
(Do we really need 10 bajillion pictures of the two of us?
Probably not.)
But, my goal is going to be once a month.
We'll see. :)

1 comment:

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

my friend, you are so beautiful...all three of you are. i KNOW alice will love these when she gets older.