Thursday, October 27, 2011

19 months old

Dear Alice,
I went a little overboard with the picture-taking this afternoon.
Therefore, I'll go easy on the words.
Life with you is more fun than we ever could imagine.

Pouring "tea" for your bear:

It was a nice tea party.

You offered some to Jack.
The eyes, they kill me.

2 thumbs up on the outfit choice today.
I questioned the ladybug rain boots,
but I think they really worked well.

My view.
I'm going to miss this.

Accessorizing Jack:

He is so patient with you.

Jack: "Save me."

We read approximately one million books a day.

Making faces in the mirror, a favorite past time. 

You are:



Ashley said...

such cute pictures. and her outfit choice most definitely rocks. i'm trying to convince ryann that it is fun to wear fluffy skirts/tutus. she thinks i'm nuts.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

beautiful post, beautiful baby girl!! Nothing stronger than a dog's love for his girl. ;o)

Makes me wish I raised my daughter in a different time. Not even sure if blogging was around 17yrs ago, but gosh would I love to have all the memories marked like this.

You're blessed! :o)

Carey said...

I miss this girl! she is so precious Melissa!

Katie K. said...

you are not the only person whose heart melts when she see those sweet blue eyes! :)

Mel said...

Love that last picture! She's your mini-me!

crystal b. said...

I can tell she's going to love to play kitchen -- and tea party. Soooo cute.