Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Photos!

Nathalie Windsor came over last week to take family photos.
We wanted them taken at our house.
Our trees, our front porch, our couch, etc.
We want to look back and see our home in the background.
Mission accomplished!

This one is one of our favorites:

Alice was in the throws of teething that day.
Just what you want for picture day, right?
Blowing bubbles:

Nathalie is running a special mini-session deal...
$50 for a 30 minute session and a disk of 20 edited images.
Here's the kicker: you have to book by today!
Go to her Facebook page, for more info.

Thank you, Nathalie!

PS- I didn't post our favorite picture.
It'll be on our Christmas card. :)


Blomgrens said...

All your pictures are great! Please send me a Christmas card :)

Emily Golding said...

Your pictures are great!

Ours are scheduled for two weeks from today...I always get all crazy nervous about how they're going to turn out...yeh, like that's going to help the Little Lady act any better!

Carey said...

So sweet! Loving these pictures!

Kimberlee said...

Beautiful! I love it that you had them taken in your yard. So special!