Monday, October 17, 2011

Sad, then Happy

Saturday night was a sad night.
A hammer fell on my beautiful little computer.
Cracked the screen.
Total freak accident.
I cried.

After many Google searches,
I was extra sad.
The going rate to have the screen replaced is $700-$800.
Are you kidding me!?!
The left side was still usable,
so I was planning to not fix it.

I scheduled an appointment with the Genius Bar anyway.
I wanted to hear it from them.

I told George the story...
hammer fell on my computer.
He said he was going to do what he could to make it okay.

After a couple minutes, he put a box on the counter.
A new MacBook Air.
He said I could have it.
I was confused.
Ben was confused.
Alice was eating graham crackers.
Though I was within my one-year warranty,
I'm well aware that it doesn't cover accidental damage.
And then I may have cried.

So I left the store with a brand new computer.
It's even better than the one I had.
I'm still shocked.

This definitely goes down as the best For Free experience I've had thus far.

Thank you, Jesus, Apple, and George!

*I know FOR SURE this was an unusual experience.
So, don't go breaking your screen thinking they'll give you a new computer.


Kimberlee said...

Praising the Lord for GEORGE!!!!!!!

Mel said...

Wow!!!!!!! You are the queen of FREE ;)

The Moffats said...

WHHHHHATTTT????? So glad it all worked out for you! But seriously....WHHHATTTTTTT?????

Shannon and Paul said...

Awesome. I like this kind of good news. {and other kinds}

TheUnSoccerMom said...

whooohooo! George will have a-many stars in his crown for sure! :o)

lundsincolorado said...

Awesome day! Plus, your bangs look super-cute. :-)

songskatesang said...

Who loves George? WE DO!!!