Sunday, October 30, 2011

A White Chalkboard, part 2

Here's "A White Chalkboard" part 1, in case you want to know what I'm talking about.

We LOVE having our family calendar posted in the kitchen.
Ben and I both have calendars on our phones, but this is the one we reference daily.
After 4 months, I have finally perfected the system.

So here were the problems with the original:
1. The black bistro marker erases, but it's a pain.
I had to scrub.
I ended up repainting the white several times just to make it white-white again.
2. I was redrawing the grid each month. 
It HAD to be perfect or it'd make me crazy.

So, here's the system that works for us now:
1. I used a Sharpie and drew the grid directly on the pantry doors.
2. I cover it with Contact Paper.
3. Then, I can write with Sharpie or the Bistro pen...depending if it's something that may need to be erased. 

End of the month:

Goodbye, October!

Hello, November!
Now, I'm off to fill it favorite part!


Carey said...

LOVE the contact paper idea! I have the same issues on my white board...New item on my shopping list: contact paper!

crystal b. said...

Awesome idea!!!

You could also bump up the cuteness factor by framing a giant white board, like the one they sell at costoco and hang it from chain. :) But the idea of drawing it on the back of a door is genious. :) Do you have a growth chart like this on the back of a door for Alice? If not . . . get busy. :)