Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Pinterest Challenge

The girls over at Bower Power and Young House Love
are hosting another challenge.

Here is the summer edition.

I need things like this to get me moving again. 
I'm a challenge girl.
A list girl.
A deadline girl.
In other words, I'm not very self-motivated. :)

Here are some projects I've been working on around here...

1. I saw this on Pinterest:
Burlap is CHEAP, people!

Anyway, I covered an old lampshade:
Note to self: do something with that garage sale end table. 

2. I've seen many pins on making fabric roller shades.

So I gave it a shot:
Do you see the snow?
We're having a "blizzard".

3. I also love all the cute jewelry organizers I see.

I've been using a thread holder for jewelry for a couple years now.
It works great!
But, as we all know from Pinterest,
most things can be made cuter with spray paint.



That's all for now.


Chrissy said...

Snazzy! Will you come decorate my house?? Pretty please??

Laura said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all of these projects!!! I'm still living with a few of the previous homeowners window treatments, and that roller shade is so inspiring!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i was just showing Nurse Shannon how talented you are!! I seriously wish I could do half the stuff that you do.
You inspire me...even though I know I will never get around to doing any of these fun projects.
Love you!'-V

crystal b. said...

You go girl! I just love all the stuff you've made. In fact, I've been thinking about all the same things!

I'm making a lamp shade out of a paint drop cloth
just finished a jewelry organizer out of window screen and an old frame, and I'm thinking about roman shades . . . but I want to try making a roller shade. Where did you find out how to make one?

I wish you lived by me, we would have SO much fun!

Jealous it's snowing so hard. I love the first blizzard. That's a call for chili. :)

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Wow! Three projects! I'm lucky if I can remember to finish one. All three of those projects are ones that I have pinned to-do too!

Kelly said...

I love that jewelry holder! That is awesome!!!

song said...

I love the roller shade! Did you follow a tutorial?

Amanda said...

Love it all! and you have a great collection of jewelry too. :)

Tamsyn said...

Three projects!? You're on fire!

I love every one if them, and especially that burlap lamp. So simple, yet so effective!

Melissa said...

Song, I looked at a couple tutorials and then just winged it. I used hot glue to glue the edges of the fabric to the curtain. One tutorial used fabric glue. It's not a shade we open and close a lot. I don't know how it'd hold up to a lot of use. :)

forever folding laundry said...

Nice work!!
$300 for that shade is ca-ray-zy.

And, um, snow?
Also ca-ray-zy.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by Melissa! I hear you on the endless projects - I'm sure our house will never be "finished." I had no idea about homeownership either! hahaha :)

Jen said...

I LOVE the roller shade, so cute!