Monday, November 21, 2011


Mission: The Children's Museum in Denver

Mission accomplished.
Verdict: Not planning to go back anytime soon.
Why: It was REALLY busy.

Begin rant:
I'm not a fan of passive parenting.
I couldn't believe how many parents were on phones, reading books, not watching their kids.
Hey Lady, your child just walked up to mine and shoved her...twice.
DO something before this mama lion takes out your child.
Love, Melissa

Alice had a blast!
It was just a little much for Ben and I. :)


crystal b. said...

That looks like one awesome museum. I miss those days with my kids so much.

Brad & Rachel said...

We took Ella to the Denver Childrens Museum when she was just over a year old. I had the same complaints, it was so busy and most of the parents there looked at the activites as free babysitting. Drove me insane, we aren't going back any time soon either.