Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thank you!

I am blown away by how many sweet responses I got from this post.
(It's the "holy crap, what happened to my sweet little girl" post from earlier this week.)

Thank you,
and Chrissy

Mamas I've met,
mamas I haven't...yet.
All amazing women.

I felt encouraged, supported, loved, and understood.
Thank you for reigning me back in.
Thank you for being my voice of reason.

Update: no new teeth (still just the 3) and still no illness.
I thought for SURE we'd see one of those on Wednesday.

Confession: my heart rate rises each time she has a tantrum now.
She showed us what she's capable of Tuesday night.
Thankfully, there hasn't been any even close to that degree since then.

And since I don't typically do picture-less posts:
Even though this is me,
I'm certain Alice gets her feistiness from the Bolton side. :)

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Kelly said...

I really think the blogging community has helped keep me sane during all of the different stages of C's life so far! I don't even know what I'd do if I couldn't read other blogs who had kids similar in age to see we're all going through the same situations. Thank goodness for mommy bloggers!! hope things are going better this week :)