Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bolton Family Christmas

(Last Christmas post!)

After our little family Christmas,
we went to Ben's parent's house to continue the celebration.

I didn't take many pictures, but here's a few...

Boots with jammies:

Checking out her dollhouse while modeling her new t-shirt and bow.
Quite the fashionista.

Spying through the window:

It was a busy day!

This concludes Christmas 2011!

Let's note that it's New Year's Eve at 11:15pm and I'm blogging.
Who's really cool?
This girl:

Our Little Family Christmas

Yesterday morning we had our little celebration with the 3 of us.

Setting up her little train:

Jumping with excitement!

A zebra?! This is the best day ever!

Using the appropriate mugs:

Testing out my handy-dandy camera remote:

Stringing beads:

"Who put this poison in my toys?"

Raise your hand if you think this is the best day ever!

Her favorite gift= light up Stride Rite boots from Goodwill.
She opened the box and exclaimed, "Shooooooooes!!!"
Best $2 I spent this Christmas.

Looking through those pictures from yesterday makes me so happy.
I seriously love my life.

A Visit with Granny

All I wanted was one good picture of the 3 of us...

 Hardest person in the world to photograph=my Granny. :)

This one came after my direct request to, "just look at the camera and smile!"

It soon got busier at Granny's house.
Please note Ben as the Peid Piper, again. 

It was just as crazy and loud as it looks. :)

I love my crazy, loud family.

Christmas Morning!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve, part 2

Back to Mom's house for our Christmas Eve feast.
This dinner is the love child of my Papa and brother-in-law, Paul.
23 people. 
6 entrees.
4+ desserts.
Each year tops the last.

Chestnuts literally roasted on an open fire:


He still loves me!

Busy, crazy, fun!

Christmas Eve, part 1

We went to my sister's house for brunch.
So fun!

Ben is the Peid Piper.


Dear Alice,
You turned 21 months old a few days ago.
I didn't do "official" pictures this month, but I included a few from the past week-ish.

Here are some facts about you:

Fact: You say "mama, mama, mom, mama, mommy" at least 200 times a day.

Fact: You love baby dolls and stuffed animals. Like, love, love.
You make them do things like wave, eat, and play with toys.
(You like real animals, too. 
Especially Luke.
Let's not show this picture to Jack, okay?)

Fact: You have made it through 2 Christmases without breaking a single ornament.
I think that's noteworthy!

Fact: You eat ALL of the time.
Somedays it's every hour.

Fact: You spontaneously told Daddy, "I ya you" (I love you.) two weeks ago.
I can't even pretend I wasn't jealous.

Fact: I think you say 5-10 new words everyday. 
It's so fun!

Fact: You often speak and sign at the same time.

Fact: You like sleep.
You've been asking us to take naps and to go to bed at night.
It's awesome.
Keep up the good work!

Fact: You have 5 teeth.
Maybe more.
I haven't looked in awhile.

Fact: You love shoes.
LOVE shoes.
Especially your ladybug boots.

Fact: When you get excited, you hold the open-mouthed surprised look for a long time.
It cracks me up.

I love you more than dark chocolate, coffee, and red wine.
More than Pinterest and crafting.
More than frozen yogurt bars.
More than travelling and exploring new places.
More than Gap's Long and Leans.
That's a WHOLE lot.

Love, Mama Mom Mama Mama Mommy Mama Mommy Mama

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


***UPDATE! They reached their goal!!! $10,000 in 26 hours. CRAZY!!***

This is my sister and her family:

They currently have 7 children
and are in the process of adopting another sibling group of 5. 

I know some people think they're crazy.
I do not. 
I know they are crazy in love with their kids.
I know their hearts break thinking about their 2 daughters and 3 sons 
who are waiting for them in Ethiopia.

They believe every child should have loving parents who tuck them in at night.
Every child should be comforted when sad or ill.
Every child should have food in their bellies.
Every child should have someone to call "Mama" and "Daddy".
Who could disagree with that?

So, here's where I ask for your money. :)
They're asking for $7...$1 for each person needing a plane ticket.
And, it's easy.
The donations are made through PayPal.

And, if you feel led, could you share this on your blog?
Or on Facebook?
Or Twitter?
That would pretty much make you the coolest person in the world.
Don't you want to be the coolest person in the world?

Okay, that's all.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!

If you want to see God move in crazy ways,
go here and watch the numbers grow!
They set up the page LAST NIGHT!
Insane in the membrane.

Guest posting is fun!

I wrote a guest post over at Mabel's House.
You should go check out Liz's blog. 
It's off-the-hook awesome.
For reals.

But, since I use this space as my little online scrapbook,
I want to post it here, too.

Hi there!
I'm Melissa.

I've noticed some things in my home lately and have thought,
"Hey! That actually worked!"

(I've tried countless decorating/organization tricks that haven't worked for us,
which is why I feel it's noteworthy when they do.)

Here's my little list of "Hey! That that actually worked!":

1. Baby wipes container to hold plastic bags
This keeps them all in one tidy place,
while also preventing me from hoarding them.

2. Black and white baby pictures (of my husband and I) on the changing table
My daughter has always loved looking at these pictures.
Now I get to chuckle every time she points at my husband's picture and says, "Baby Daddy?"

3. Spray painting indoors using a big, deep box
I needed to spray paint those ornaments, but it was way too cold outside.
I used a huge box, closed off my workroom, cracked a window, and went to town.
Result: Minimal stink, cute little ornaments, and no paint outside the box.

4. Speaking of ornaments, those apple containers from Costco 
are awesome for storing the fragile ones.

 5. Using cloth towels instead of paper
By keeping a stack by the paper towels, and a bin for the dirty ones by the sink,
we've gone from about a roll a week to a roll a month.
I just really like saving money.

6. Bread box (from a thrift store) for arts and crafts
It's been nice having a special spot for those items.
When I'm making dinner I can trap my child in her highchair and easily keep her busy.

7. An old sliding screen door as a baby gate
Those gates for wide stairs are expensive!
In a desperate moment, I stuck a screen door between the spindles to block off the stairs.
Finally after 8 months of this system, I covered it with burlap.
It works great and when we don't need it up, it hides easily. 
I'd love to hear what's working in your homes.
New uses for old things?
Organization systems that have weathered the test of time?
Ways to keep your kids busy while you cook dinner?
How do you spray paint things when it's freezing outside?

Merry Christmas to you all!
I wish for you a season of joy, peace, and minimal family drama!

And, Liz, I'll speak on behalf of all your readers and say,
thank you for writing.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Keep doing what you're doing.
We like it. :)