Friday, December 30, 2011


Dear Alice,
You turned 21 months old a few days ago.
I didn't do "official" pictures this month, but I included a few from the past week-ish.

Here are some facts about you:

Fact: You say "mama, mama, mom, mama, mommy" at least 200 times a day.

Fact: You love baby dolls and stuffed animals. Like, love, love.
You make them do things like wave, eat, and play with toys.
(You like real animals, too. 
Especially Luke.
Let's not show this picture to Jack, okay?)

Fact: You have made it through 2 Christmases without breaking a single ornament.
I think that's noteworthy!

Fact: You eat ALL of the time.
Somedays it's every hour.

Fact: You spontaneously told Daddy, "I ya you" (I love you.) two weeks ago.
I can't even pretend I wasn't jealous.

Fact: I think you say 5-10 new words everyday. 
It's so fun!

Fact: You often speak and sign at the same time.

Fact: You like sleep.
You've been asking us to take naps and to go to bed at night.
It's awesome.
Keep up the good work!

Fact: You have 5 teeth.
Maybe more.
I haven't looked in awhile.

Fact: You love shoes.
LOVE shoes.
Especially your ladybug boots.

Fact: When you get excited, you hold the open-mouthed surprised look for a long time.
It cracks me up.

I love you more than dark chocolate, coffee, and red wine.
More than Pinterest and crafting.
More than frozen yogurt bars.
More than travelling and exploring new places.
More than Gap's Long and Leans.
That's a WHOLE lot.

Love, Mama Mom Mama Mama Mommy Mama Mommy Mama


Lindsey Jo said...

gah, she's cute. random.. what's her middle name? i love names.

Katie K. said...

I love love love the picture where alice is OUT in her carseat. Precious!

Blomgrens said...

i love all the facts :) so sweet.