Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest posting is fun!

I wrote a guest post over at Mabel's House.
You should go check out Liz's blog. 
It's off-the-hook awesome.
For reals.

But, since I use this space as my little online scrapbook,
I want to post it here, too.

Hi there!
I'm Melissa.

I've noticed some things in my home lately and have thought,
"Hey! That actually worked!"

(I've tried countless decorating/organization tricks that haven't worked for us,
which is why I feel it's noteworthy when they do.)

Here's my little list of "Hey! That that actually worked!":

1. Baby wipes container to hold plastic bags
This keeps them all in one tidy place,
while also preventing me from hoarding them.

2. Black and white baby pictures (of my husband and I) on the changing table
My daughter has always loved looking at these pictures.
Now I get to chuckle every time she points at my husband's picture and says, "Baby Daddy?"

3. Spray painting indoors using a big, deep box
I needed to spray paint those ornaments, but it was way too cold outside.
I used a huge box, closed off my workroom, cracked a window, and went to town.
Result: Minimal stink, cute little ornaments, and no paint outside the box.

4. Speaking of ornaments, those apple containers from Costco 
are awesome for storing the fragile ones.

 5. Using cloth towels instead of paper
By keeping a stack by the paper towels, and a bin for the dirty ones by the sink,
we've gone from about a roll a week to a roll a month.
I just really like saving money.

6. Bread box (from a thrift store) for arts and crafts
It's been nice having a special spot for those items.
When I'm making dinner I can trap my child in her highchair and easily keep her busy.

7. An old sliding screen door as a baby gate
Those gates for wide stairs are expensive!
In a desperate moment, I stuck a screen door between the spindles to block off the stairs.
Finally after 8 months of this system, I covered it with burlap.
It works great and when we don't need it up, it hides easily. 
I'd love to hear what's working in your homes.
New uses for old things?
Organization systems that have weathered the test of time?
Ways to keep your kids busy while you cook dinner?
How do you spray paint things when it's freezing outside?

Merry Christmas to you all!
I wish for you a season of joy, peace, and minimal family drama!

And, Liz, I'll speak on behalf of all your readers and say,
thank you for writing.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Keep doing what you're doing.
We like it. :)

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Dude, you're amazing!