Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, part 2

We celebrated Easter with our "small" group today.
We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.
For the first time, we hosted the shindig.

Alice kept her Amish attire on while eating baked ziti.
I discovered I have one eye freakishly smaller than the other.
The group, minus 2.

The mamas.
Sarah (in the black) had a baby 2 days ago.
Crazy, right?
That makes 6 babies in 14 months!

The dads.
I love this picture.

Easter, part 1

 I found a little Easter dress at a consignment shop.
Alice threw a fit when I put it on...
until I put the bonnet on her.
Then she was happy.
I was just going to put it on to take some pictures,
but she ended up wearing it all day.

Yes, she's in our bathtub.
It's the bathroom Pack-n-Play. 

She likes it,
most of the time...

Opening her "Easter basket."
A half-eaten box of Annie's Bunny Grahams!
(It's the second year we didn't make a basket for her.
Parenting fail.)

Baby toes are the cutest.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


There has been quite the buzz around blogland about Pinterest.
And, it's for a good reason.
It's where all the awesome things of the world go to hang out. 

When you see something you like, you "pin it."
Then, it's saved on your little virtual corkboard. 
WAY better than having a bajillion bookmarks like I used to do. 

Let me know if you're on Pinterest so I can follow you. 
(That sounds a tad creepy, don't you think?)
Or, if you want an invite, leave a message with your email and I'll send it to you. 
It will change your life. 
No, not really. 
But, it will make your life just a tad happier. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

She walks!, take 2

This video combines the earlier post about walking and the one about her bling.  :)
I think she's wanting to walk more because crawling with the necklaces is hard...
gets caught in her knees.

Any guesses to what she says at the beginning?
Sounds like, "tebul."
She's been saying it all day.

She walks!

She went from immobile,
to crawling,
to standing on her own,
to walking,
in less than 6 weeks.

She's walking like a champ.
Even takes off on her own.
She can also stand up by herself...
without pulling herself up on the furniture.

Here's a video of the action:

She never seems to do quite as well when the camera is on.
Typical, right?

(See what I was saying about the beads?
She loves those things!)

Another house update

I've given myself the day off when it comes to working on the house.
So, while Alice naps, I'm doing fun stuff, like updating pictures and blogging!

Here's a few more pictures of our new digs...

"The Sports Room", now called "Melissa's Propoint room/craft room."

I found a better "before" picture of our bedroom.

I have big plans for those 90's cabinets.
Stay tuned.

And this is why I've been bad at blogging, returning emails/phone calls, 
initiating communication of any kind, etc.
Just keeping it real up in here. 


Ben, Alice, and I went to visit my family last weekend. 
In typical me fashion, I only brought my camera out once. 

We visited with my Granny, Dad, Kathy, and Grace. 
No pictures.

We hung out with family and ate amazing meals.
No pictures. 
We went to my brother's baseball game.

My baby brother is pitching.

 There are always scouts there to see him. 
This one was sitting next to us and was super nice. 
He let my nephew and nieces play with the radar gun. 

One of my beautiful nieces

Bonny (center) came to the game!
She was our nanny for many years while growing up. 
She rocks. 
That's my mom on the right. 

Alice had a super cute baseball outfit on.
I tried to get a good picture of it, but failed. 

Will and his girlfriend, Mackenzie. 
She rocks, too.

Will and I

Most of the clan. 
2/5 Locantes, 8/9 Jensens, 3/3 Boltons

It was a great trip!
Felt like a vacation. 
I HAVE to take more pictures next time!


I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on.
Until I get my act together I'll leave you with this:
Her favorite toy: bead necklaces.
She proudly wears her bling around the house. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As promised...

Let's start from from the top, shall we?
These are the three upstairs bedrooms.

First things first: paint. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good news!

We're still alive!
Just busy. 
Very busy. 
I haven't taken even one legit picture since Alice's birthday. 
However, I did find a few on my phone. 

Here's a little update, iPhone style...

We moved out of one house,

and into another.

It has made us all very tired.

Not so tired we can't enjoy an occasional hike. 

Not so tired we can't be a little naughty every now and again.

But, tired enough to be a pretty bad blogger of late. 
I know all tens of you have been concerned. 
Fear not. 
I'm back.
There's just so much to do. 

I promise to post pictures of our new digs. 
Maybe tomorrow...