Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big and small things I want to remember

1. My grandfather recently passed away.
I'm sad he's gone from this earth, but happy he's now healthy and spending eternity with Jesus.
(That's him with my Memaw and my mom.)

Things I'll always remember about him:

-He was deaf, but read lips like nobody's business. 
I always thought that was so cool.
I'm pretty sure Alice knows more sign language than he did.
He never needed to learn it.

-He was a smoker when I was a child. 
My sister and I hated it and would always hide his cigarettes.

-I love the memory of Grandpa coming to visit. 
In the midst of total chaos, he'd fall asleep in a chair.
One of the advantages of being deaf? :)

-He created beautiful oil paintings.

-He was one of the first people I knew using online chatting. 
His name was TnTooter.
He was a huge UT fan and probably never associated Tooter with passing gas, like I always did. 

-When I was young, he and my Memaw lived in a home with a HUGE yard. 
It had creek in the back and an orchard on the side. 
I drove by there not long ago and was surprised at how it had shrunk in size. 
Funny how growing up does that.

-He had the best laugh.

-He was concerned about me moving to Colorado. 
I remember him asking me if we needed oxygen masks when we got off the plane 
and if grass even grows at that altitude. :)

-He had an afro. 
I'm not even kidding. 
It was amazing.

-He loved me a lot. 
And I always knew it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing him again someday!
I hope he's hanging out with my Dadums, too.
I think he is.
I can totally picture them laughing together.

2. I think Alice is going to be a good big sister one day.
(This is not an announcement.)

3. She's been super independent lately,
often saying, "Alice do it." or "I do it."
Or, if it's something she doesn't want to do,
"Mama do it."
Yesterday she insisted she could open a clementine.
When she got stuck, she looked at me and asked,
We compromised with a fork.
She eventually got the orange out and gobbled it up.

4. I miss this sweet smile:
(photo taken yesterday)
She isn't feeling well today.
Low-grade fever, generally cranky and clingy.
I hope it's just teething, though this is the first time she's really acted this way.
She slept until 9:30am, napped for 4.5 hrs, and then asked to go to bed at 6:45pm.

5. I saw a picture a friend posted on Facebook of the pancake smiley face she made for her kids.
I thought I'd do the same this morning.
She only ate the orange.
Hard to know if it's because she wasn't feeling well, 
or because the french toast lady freaked her out.

Over and out!


Cathy V said...

hudson has had a low grade fever for the last few days too and a super runny nose. we thought it was teeth at first but it has definitely turned into a cold. i started giving him elderberry right away and that seems to have helped. hope she's feeling better soon

Katie K. said...

that picture with alice's sweet smile just warmed my heart. truly those eyes precious!

Blomgrens said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Did you say your Grandfather was hanging with your Dadums, as in your Father? I hope it's okay I asked. Praying for your family as y'all process his passing.

Alice is like the prettiest little girl ever. So beautiful. I hope she's feeling better today!

Jodi@ said...

hope Alice is feeling better soon!

Love reading all the sweet memories of your granddad. I think it's a must to write that stuff down.

Chrissy said...

Loved your memories about Pa! I remember all those too... and the yard DID shrink! Weird!

I loved your "(This is not an announcement.)" Ha ha!!