Friday, January 27, 2012

Twenty-Two Months

Dear Alice,
I've never loved you more than I do right this second.
However, I must be honest with you.
You've been quite challenging lately.
Teething + strong-willed personality = tired parents.
But, I've heard this will pass.
(Well, the teething part.)
Please Lord, let this pass. :)

Here are some highlights from the past month:

Tea party with the zebra-

You always put stickers on your back...just like they do at the gym and at church-

You LOVE riding the penny pony at the grocery store-

You're a little interested in the potty-

Stringing pony beads on a pipe cleaner is one of your favorite activities-

As is stacking things-

We're really getting our money's worth out of your infant swing.
It's like your little hammock-

I was recently encouraged by a mama of many children.
She said having a child with a strong personality isn't a bad thing.
Strong-willed children often grow up to be leaders.
They are not easily swayed/pressured into things.
They are competent helpers and are reliable.
I'm praying those things for you, my little one.

You are funny, when you're in a good mood.
You purposely tell me the wrong answers just to make me laugh.
You love putting your bibs on Jack.

You are sweet.
You freely give Daddy and I hugs and kisses.
You love being held.
You are kind to Ella and enjoy helping me care of her.
You also take very good care of your stuffed animals, 
making sure they are fed and rocked.

We love you, precious Alice.
You bring us so much joy!

Love, Mama


Jen said...

Lilly and I loved reading your post :) we especially liked the picture of Alice on the potty!! Go Alice! I can't believe she's almost 2. We miss you terribly :(

For fun JB and I were pretending we had lots of money to do nice things for people. His allocation for you and Ben was to by you a new Volvo :) hopefully it hasn't given you anymore trouble.

Love you guys!

Your Trailer Trash Fam :)

lindsayw4 said...

I totally understand the challenge of having strong-willed children. Mine are both rather strong-willed and Mason has been very difficult lately. Try not to get discouraged, there are many positive qualities that come out of being strong-willed, although I'm still waiting for more even in my 5 year old. Discipline is so tough, but stick with it! It will pay off, even when you feel like it's not working. It's actually reassuring to know someone else is dealing with a challenging toddler right now too :)