Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10, February

Capturing the beauty in our ordinary moments.










I tried the Pinterest "keeping your berries longer by washing them with vinegar water" thing.
It's not really working.

Ben and I won the little Newlywed Game at MOPS (POPS day) this morning.
Chocolate is the best prize ever.

Its fun taking a picture of a camera.
That was in our Craft Weekend swag.

Those are the red ones.

That's what Alice does when we ask to see her muscles.
It's my favorite.

Can I get a virtual pat on the back for keeping our poinsettia alive for so long?
Looks like she needs a bath though.

Jesus Calling is a fantastic devotional, if you're looking for one.
Short, but very sweet.

Burlap heart bunting on the mantle.

Thank you, Starbucks, for the happy cup.

Those are notes I've been putting in Ben's lunchbox each day.


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PeaceMama said...

love these! and your family portrait in your profile is marvelous! did you paint your camera painting? i want one! have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Those all made me happy!

Cathy V said...

i'm impressed about the poinsettia. i threw ours out about 2 weeks ago. i think i watered it about 5 times total since sarah gave it to us. those were some hearty plants. :)

Brooke said...

These are really great -- and I don't get all that into Valentine's Day, but I love the stuff you've got here! Super cute.

Mandy said...

those notes are hilarious.

Miss G said...

I want to try doing a color theme for my ten on ten one month! Great idea! I was feeling fairly uninspired today.

Bummer about the vinegar wash not working for you. I feel like it has worked for me when I've done it. Who knows!

I wonder which mops you go to. Not mine I guess but I don't know how many are in town.

You went to Craft Weekend??!!! Soo fun!

Back at the beginning of our relationship my husband was mystified as to why I would organize books by color. :) Now he just rolls with these sorts of things.

Her heart shirt is so cute!

Love the garland!

Go green thumb!

I agree about Jesus Calling - so good.

Those notes crack me up! Are they a printable or for sale somewhere?

Fun to see your set! Kelly

Y said...

Loving your theme!!!

miss macri said...

love this set - so much february lovin' going on - very cute!

Brianne said...

I'm glad someone captured the new starbucks cups, they are so darling this year!

Sara said...

I love the red theme! these are so cute

Kiki said...

The camera art on canvas is so cute. I love your Valentine's Day theme! I love your set!

JulieBGreen said...

Love that bunting! Sweet set!

stacy bostrom said...

these are wonderful!