Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be still my heart.

I've been looking for a large map for our living room wall for months.
I look on Craigslist almost everyday.
I've been outbid on ebay many times.
I've looked through our local antique malls.

Then, I mentioned what I was looking for to a friend,
who shall remain nameless unless she lets me know otherwise. :)
She obtained one for me...

And it's perfect!
Exactly what I've been looking for!
It's a pull-down school map from a real, live school!
There's also a world map hiding beneath the US!
(Can you tell I'm excited?)

I'm thinking I'll paint that end table Colorado orange.

And, I love that I can roll it up when we're taking photos on the couch.


Chrissy said...

I keep clicking your link to see the pictures again! So cute!!

Ashley said...

score! it looks great.

kendra said...

that is awesome!

Blomgrens said...

1. What an awesome friend you have! 2. I LOVE it too - great idea, maps are so cool for decor.