Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We've had 3 hens for 10 days now, so I'm pretty much an expert.

But, here's our little chicken story...

I bought a coop off Craigslist.
It's from a teenager who is very involved in 4-H.
We also adopted our hens from him.
Super sweet kid.

We got two Australorps...

And one Ancona...

They laid around 10 eggs in the first week!
From today:

Alice loves chasing them around the yard.

Jack is finally getting used to them.
We're almost living in harmony around here.

It snowed a couple days after we got them.
They didn't seem to like the snow.
Thankfully, it melted quickly and they were back to roaming around the yard.

We let them out in the morning and they return to their coop when it's getting dark.

Alice likes to wear my "chicken boots".

In short, this whole backyard chicken thing is going really great!

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Becky said...

Can we have an Andrews Family field trip to see them sometime?