Thursday, February 23, 2012


Have you heard about Colortopia?
Several design bloggers paired up with Glidden paint.

It's awesome!
You can click on the advice link and ask decorating questions.
You can even upload a picture.

Here's my question:

Isn't that great?

Now, do I take the advice and go with a shade of teal for the wall color?
I'm afraid of the bathroom looking too dark and dungeony. 
(Spell check doesn't think "dungeony" is a word.)

I'd love your advice!


Cathy V said...

check this out. they used teal accents with light grey walls

Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery said...

I saw go for it. Paint doesn't cost very much so if you hate it you can always start over.

BoyDena said...

i think paint a complementary color... yellow comes to mind;)