Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daddy's home!

This has been the fanfare Ben receives when he comes home...

Alice hides.

She says, "Shhhhh!"


Hides, again.

The excitement begins!

She takes off, wanting to be chased.

It's pretty much my favorite thing.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! The cuteness is too much, I can't take it!! Great photos, Melissa. Did you use a fancy flash or is this natural light? Give us the stats. :-)

Ashley said...

Too cute, and absurdly similar to our welcome home daddy routine! Seriously. Ryann hides in the kitchen as soon as she hears the garage, jumps out and says boo when he comes in, and immediately takes off running saying "daddy play chase with ryann? daddy play chase with ryann!" haha love it.

Melissa said...

Sarah, It's just natural light. I was able to recreate what she usually does when he comes home from work yesterday when he was gone for the morning. Photos were taken around 11am. Here are the stats: 1/60s, f.5, ISO 1000

Ashley, Even more reason why our girls should be friends. I think they'd be a riot together. :)