Monday, February 13, 2012

February Challenge, week 2

The whole "don't spend money" rule has been the most difficult aspect of my little challenge.

Here's what I worked on this past week:

Cleaning/organizing the garage
Looks pretty much the same, right?
I hate that.
It took much more effort than it looks.

Hey, but look!
I made a .gif!
That's kind of fun.

OryFkJ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Basement bathroom
I will never understand why anyone would put carpet in a bathroom.

I took out the old carpet and pad,
removed a bajillion tack strips,
cleaned the floor,
and then painted it.
We'll one day put something else down,
but until then, it's not carpeted!

Want another .gif?
You're in luck!

7scbG_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

That bathroom still needs a lot of work,
but it's moving in the right direction!

Lastly, the coop.
I painted the roof.
I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy the paint to do the rest of it.
I'm such a crazy rule breaker.
More on the coop later.
Not much to share at this point except that we have a chicken coop in our backyard.


Lindsey Jo said...

do you have chickens?! i'm super jealous!! and carpet in bathrooms is so nast. ew.

Sarah said...

Wow, those .gifs are awesome. I will confess that I stated at each one for a good two minutes, trying to identify all of the changes, kind of like one of those puzzles with two pictures and 15 differences. :-)

Chrissy said...

NICE! I'm waiting for the morning to sand the wood filler in the playroom where I ripped up the carpet, pad and bazillion tack strips and staples! I did go buy paint - porch/floor paint and had them tint it dark chocolate brown! It's a surprise for Paul for his birthday - that carpet was NAS.TAAAYYY!! It was like a dog's bathroom carpet. Gross.
And I'm so jealous of your chickens. (and now I'm singing the Larry from Veggie Tales Christmas song - "and step on your chickens...")

Carey said...

I LOVE the changes! The bathroom looks great and the garage doesn't look the same at all! Your pictures are awesome

Noodles said...

the gifs were totally messing with my head for a second there.