Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Challenge, week 4 + Leap day happiness

Well, this past week was kind of a flop.

I painted some trim...
I still have a TON left to paint.

I organized Alice's baby clothes,
pulling out ones I didn't love to give away.

Cleaned the office...

Oh well!
I tried!

On a brighter note, this extra day in February brought some exciting things around here.

1. Alice thew away her pacifiers!
She took a nap and went to bed with no problem.
Never asked for them. 

2. She peed on the potty for the first time today!
I'm glad my reaction was not filmed.
I acted like a complete idiot.
A happy, proud idiot.

3. All 3 hens laid eggs today!

A good day, indeed!


Kelly said...

It must be something about the Leap Day, C went potty on his new seat for the first time today too!! Now if I could only get rid of the paci...

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i love your blog, but most of all, i love alice =)