Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alice's Kitchen

I found this wood kitchen at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on clearance for $24.99.

But, since I wanted it in our kitchen, it's oakyness had to go.

Our kitchen...a long time ago...when it was clean:
(The floors still kill me. One day...)

I've been working on it this past week.
Painted the backsplash the same white as in our kitchen.
Replaced the handles.
Spray painted the refrigerator, oven, knobs, and faucet with stainless steel paint.
Added a couple little lights on the inside that turn on when she opens the doors.
(Those were from the Dollar Tree.)
Added a little key hook to the side to hold the utensils and pans.

Here's the finished kitchen:

I'd love to replace those wood knobs with real ones.
And I'd love a real faucet.
And I would've loved to have painted magnetic paint on the oven and stove,
then spray painted.
But, that stuff was going to cost as much as the kitchen.
I'm going to let it go.

Total cost: $28

I can't wait for her to see it!

Yes, we're giving it to her early.
I'm too excited about it. :)

I'm REALLY hoping this can occupy her while I made dinner.
That's our hardest time of day.
:fingers crossed:


Ashley said...

I LOVE IT! And your photos just reminded me that we bought that same apron for Ryann before she was born. Now where the heck did I stash it away...

Melissa said...

So impressed. I love it! You are so good, Meliss!

Shannon and Paul said...

Melissa... you might try the Habit ReStore for the knobs and fixtures.

Did they happen to have more 24.99 kitchens?

The Dupras Project said...

so her kitchen and wish I could make a score like that it is adorable.

song said...

I love it! I might have to check out the BBBs here in Denver for one.