Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celebrating 2!

We celebrated Alice's second birthday today!
(Her actual birthday is on Tuesday.)

We decided to keep the party small...
our small group,
Alice's closest little friend,
and our family=
20 adults and 9 kids.
Not small,
but perfect.

We also decided to have a birthday party themed birthday party...
I'm so crazy.
(Take THAT Pinterest!)

Scenes from the party:

Walking in after her daddy-daughter breakfast.
She LOVES balloons.
(I hate that this is blurry!)

Baby/toddler friendly snacks.
(In case you thought I usually serve Cheerios at parties. :) )

Because I got a LOT of questions about this today,
those balloon arches are just helium balloons strung by needle and thread.

The weather in Colorado can be hit or miss in March.
Today was 100% a hit.
75 and sunny.

I'm not sure why Holly is holding their hands,
but I like it! :)

 I was so proud of my little birthday girl!
No tantrums,
didn't panic when everyone sang to her,
and even blew out her candle.

Strawberry cupcake AND a mini ice cream sandwich.
She was in heaven.

Opening gifts.
She got the sweetest gifts from our friends and family!

I loved this day.


Cathy V said...

we're holding hands because we're friends. duh! :)

Ashley said...

so cute. love the balloons, and her reaction! :)

Carey said...

I love Alice! Thanks for posting pics, it was fun to see the party from a distance. Alice is so beautiful!

Mandy said...

ahhh. happy birthday alice!