Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Twosday!

Dear Alice,
Today you turn 2 years old!
(So long, airplane lap child.)
Holy moley.
How did that happen?

I LOVE this age.
You are so fun!

I recently interviewed you.

Here are your responses:
Favorite color: orange
Favorite thing to eat: gummy bears
(these are also called "pooping treats" around here)
Favorite book to read: Bible

After this, your answers got a little fuzzy. :)

You can count to 10,
but always say, "just one" when answering "one".

You know the basic colors and shapes
and often use them together.
"Red triangle"
"Blue oval"

My favorite thing you do is sing songs.
Wheels on the Bus seems to be your favorite,
followed by:
Happy Birthday
Jesus Loves Me
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

I love how you recall information.
At dinner we tell Daddy what we did during the day.
I'm always surprised at the level of detail you remember.

You can catch balls now.

"I don't like it." is a very common phrase heard around here.

You crack us up when you scream,
Followed by a quiet, "That's so loud!"

You have a kind heart.
I love how you take care of your younger friends.
I love how you rock everything like a baby...
including the plastic hair clip you found while on a walk.

You're still a signing maniac.
Sometimes you answer me by saying,
"I'll sign it."
and then signing the answer to my question.

I don't let you play with my phone often,
(usually just to keep you on the potty a little longer or to buy a few minutes while running errands)
but you navigate the iPhone like it's made by Fisher Price.
Scrolling through the menu, 
selecting an app, 
selecting an activity in the app, 
closing out of it and going to another...
It's crazy.

You picked up a chicken yesterday.
I still can't believe she let you do it.

Any beverage I don't want to share with you is "mama's coffee?"

You've also gotten a little pushy with the music in the car;
requesting certain songs and saying, "Not this one!" when it's one you don't want to hear.

Alright, I'll wrap this up.
I just don't want to forget any of this.
I wish I could record our days so I could watch them over and over again when I'm old.

I love you, precious Alice!
I'm so thankful God chose me to be your mama.
It's the greatest job in the world!

Love, Mama


Carey said...

I actually had to look back on your blog to really trust that Alice is two! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday! I love reading your posts and all the new things she is doing, becoming such a kid! I love it!

Ashley said...

Oh sweet Alice. She sounds like so much fun. Happy Birthday!!

3Fites said...

I know it may sound a bit strange, but can Alice marry my 21 month old son Andrew? I think they'd make a great couple and she'd be a wonderful daughter in law. LOL.

Brad & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Alice!! I cannot believe how fast the years go by!

Blomgrens said...

So many awesome things about this post and I love the details. I think Alice seems VERY bright (cheerful & smart)! I also wish I could record my days to watch later - it would bless me so much. Great idea!

Katie K. said...

Love the pic of her head peeking over the tub! So cute :)

Shannon and Paul said...

Happy Belated, Alice! Amen on recording days... Greats pics, Melissa.