Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Date

Five years ago today,
Ben and I had our first date. 

It turned into a marathon date.
12 hours.
Maybe it's noteworthy to include this was the first time we had met?

We met up at the Denver Zoo.
Then went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.
Then went to Dave and Busters to play arcade games.
Then went to a movie.
Then went to dinner and played a board game.

My friends were calling/texting to be sure I was still alive.

It was the best first date ever!

I remember thinking as I drove back to Boulder, 
"I hope he liked me!"
He did.
And he still does. :)

We went out for coffee last night on a little last minute date:

Yin and Yang coffee order=
Iced caramel sugary goodness + an Americano.

We played one of our favorite games:

And today I'm wearing this shirt:
That's what I chose for our first date.
Vic, are you dying laughing right now?

1 comment:

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

OKAY, SO DYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just made my weekend, Melissa Bolton.
You...and Sesame Street Live.
Are YOU dying now? =)
The joys of parenthood *sigh*

I also love Alice singing, and feel slightly shorted. The video needs to be way longer. I want to see more of her!