Monday, April 2, 2012

A Monday Night Mini-Rant

Pinterest is completely hit or miss.
To be honest, it was a lot better a year ago.
There's way too much crap on it now.

Anyway, tonight I saw this pinned:

At first I thought, 
"Is this a joke? Those cookies look terrible."

Then, the comments looked promising, so I went for it.
4 ingredients, minimal prep, minimal cook time, nothing to lose.

As I'm making them, I start to think,
"There is NO way these only have 36 calories in them."
"Healthy!? I hardly think they can be called "healthy" when they contain a cup of sugar."

As they were baking I looked up a nutrition facts calculator.

Here's what the cookies REALLY contain:

Now, if you want a 35 calorie cookie, no big deal.
You just have to make 65 tiiiiiiiiiiiny cookies.
Or just eat 1/4 of a cookie.
Either way.

 Here's what mine look like:

Verdict: They were delicious!

So, if you want a quick, easy, yummy treat,
make these.

If you want a "healthy" cookie with 35 calories,
do not.

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kjsonntag said...

I totally agree! I look at these "healthy" recipes and think, "Really!?"