Thursday, April 12, 2012

Potty Mouth, part 2

I think it's hilarious when young children try to say a word,
but it sounds like a swear word.
Love it.
Cracks me up!
But only when it's not intentional.
5 year olds throwing out the f-bomb?
Not funny.

it caught me off guard when Alice starting saying, "Oh sh!t."
I kept thinking, "WHERE did she hear that!?"
We do not have potty mouths in our home.

Then, I finally figured it out:
(I meant to cut the video off after the first 15 seconds.
So THATS why it took so long to upload. Whoops!)

PS- If you happened to watch the rest of it and noticed,
I say "kinda" under my breath when she called it "juice".
That's because it's elderberry syrup mixed with water.
Just in case you thought I was poisoning my child, or something.

PS- Here is Potty Mouth, part 1.


Cathy V said...

funny. this morning i said "crap" when i dropped something and hudson repeated it. time to clean up my act. :)

Tamsyn said...

Oh, she has the cutest little talking voice!

Carey said...

Made my day...Abby can't say shirt...You can guess what she says. She and Alice are like sisters, especially with their dirty mouths! :)

Blomgrens said...

Oh I like this... too funny!