Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10

Capturing the beauty in the ordinary moments.

This month I put my own little challenge on this photo series...
1. Use my 50mm lens
(which I got for Christmas, but don't use often enough)
2. No editing.

Mr. Coffee, You're my morning hero.

Potty time:

To be read:

Watering the lawn:

She surely learned this from her father. :)

I wish this was staged:
(I swept the floor three times this morning.)

Found this on my phone...32 self-portraits of Alice:


On a stroll:

Nap time:

ten on ten button


Miss G said...

ooo, good challenge! 50mms are fun. I'll be honest, we finally got a robot vacuum cleaner because my floors looked like that all the time. We decided since we hope to have more kids that it's an investment. Love the on a stroll pic! Kelly

Kiki said...

That stroller photo is so cute! Great set!

Kelly said...

Hahahah, love the photo stream. C loves to take pics of himself but they usually just end up being his forehead. This is a great challenge, your pics look great!

crystal b. said...

Great photos!!! What lens are you using? Your shots are so clear!!!

Yeah, my floor is still like that -- two teens aren't much better than a toddler when it comes to dropping food. Big bummer. :)

Holly said...

my floor looks like that all the time! Im afraid it doesnt get better as they get older either!