Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day

Just when you thought you were in the clear for reading about everyone's Mother's Day,
there are slackers like me.
(More on why I was so distracted last week to come.)

This was my morning in pictures:

Breakfast in bed-
Ben was so sweet to do this for me.
"Breakfast in bed" seems like a Mother's Day rite of passage of sorts.
He heard me get in the shower, so he rushed to pull it together.
Later we laughed about how not fun breakfast in bed really is.
(However, I hope this happens next year, too.)

As I was about to go downstairs, Ben met me at the door and said,
"Quick! Get back in bed!"
Alice was excited about her surprise.

The card she picked out for me:

A kitten.
Cracked me up!

On the inside, she was very specific about what she wanted Ben to draw on it:
"waterbottle, Mama with green eyes, table, ball, bubbles, 
a brown eye, Alice jumping with pigtails and bunny jammies..."

She quickly claimed my toast with Nutella.
Chocolate + white bed = hard to relax.

The one who made me a mama:

Flowers from my loves:

It was a really great day!

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