Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty Training

**Warning: this post is about potty the title implies.
It will likely bore 99% of you to tears.
But, it's been a big week around here, so I'm going to document it.
Let it be known that I resisted the urge to post Facebook status updates 
re: my kid's bowel movements and urination.
If we are Facebook friends, you're welcome. :)

I know the new PC term is "potty learning",
but I think that's annoying.

It's been a week since Alice wore a diaper,
so I think I can say it:
She's potty trained!

Here's how it all went down...
I followed this method,
("Toilet Training in a Day")
with a few minor changes.

DAY 1 (Last Tuesday):
The scene was set.
We had talked about our "Potty Party" for days.
We picked out snacks.
Picked out undies.
Game on.

(Carpet cleaner, peeing doll with potty, potty books from the library, drinks galore, lots of undies)

(Snacks to make her thirsty. The more she drinks, the more practice she gets.)

(New soap, mini M&M's, stickers)

(Activities to keep her busy, but not exciting enough to keep her from going potty.)

Started the day with a good breakfast,
knowing she'd be eating/drinking crap for most of the day.

I wasn't going to include this picture of my kid in her birthday suit,
but it was such a great moment for us.
I played different alarms on my phone to see 
which one she wanted to remind her to go sit on the potty.
Her face lit up when I played the church bells.
She wanted to hear it over and over again.
THAT was the motivation for her to go potty.
When she did, she got to play the church bells ringtone.
She wanted that over chocolate.
For reals.

The morning was ROUGH.
I wanted to quit by 10:00.
My head hurt.
My body ached.
I had already ran out of my daily allotment of words.
I was certain that if I had to say the word "potty" again, I would kill myself.
It didn't seem to be working.
I felt like a failure.

But, then I put her down for a nap.
She woke up dry!
And the afternoon was awesome!
We did lots of practicing.
She'd say, "No pee-pee on the floor. Pee-pee on the potty!"
and run into the bathroom.
She loved it.

And we had a tea party.
(To get her to drink more water.)

It was like it all clicked after nap.
I'm glad I hung in there!

DAY 2 (Wednesday):
From what I read, Days 2 and 3 can be the worst.
The newness has worn off, but the skills aren't fully there.
I was prepared for a really long day.
However, I was pleasantly surprised!
She rocked it!

Where I kind of diverted from the program:
My child ate an absurd amount of mini marshmallows in the first 3 days.
That was our reward for dry undies.
It also made her thirsty.
She could pretty much have as many as she wanted, but each time I'd ask,
"Are your undies dry?" and she'd reply "yes".
I felt it was important for her to recognize how important/great it was to have dry undies.
She ate 3/4 of the bag.
Not even kidding.

The motivation this day was getting to feed Jack.
After going potty, I'd give her a small handful of dry dog food.
She'd run into the kitchen and toss it, piece by piece, to Jack.
Again, this trumped chocolate.

We ventured out of the house for a change of scenery.
Brought the potty outside with us.
We were both tired of being cooped up.
(Pun intended.)

I kept text messaging Ben saying, 
"It's working! She's doing it!"
I was truly shocked.

DAY 3 (Thursday):
This is the day I started adding in distractions.
Ella came over for the morning and I let her watch a video on my computer.
No accidents!
However, it was a challenging day behaviorally since she was used to having my undivided attention.

Checking out her static-y hair:

That night we were feeling brave and took her to a party at Ben's new office.
(Same job. They just moved buildings.)
I was so afraid she'd have an accident on their brand new carpet, but we both wanted to go.
We packed up her potty and an extra set of clothes and we were off!
Car ride, party with lots of people, new environment, infringing on bedtime...
she did great!

Coloring before the party:

DAYS 4, 5, 6 and 7:
She acts like it's no big deal now.
Says when she needs to go and goes.
I still need to help her, but that's to be expected.
She even went to Nana's house for a few hours this morning.
Did great there, too!
I'm hoping to venture out to the gym here soon.
I'm still trying to stay close to home, but we're slowly getting back to "normal" life.
I believe she has only had 3 accidents since after her nap last Tuesday.

Oh! Something worth noting...
Potty training stole my good little sleeper.
She was sleeping 12+ hours/night and taking around a 2 hour nap/day.
Now, she's waking up MUCH earlier...yesterday was at 5:15. 
(Lord, help me!)
And, shorter naps and taking longer to fall asleep at night.
I hear this is normal and that it should get better.
Last night I got her up around 10pm to go potty before we went to bed.
She went right back to sleep and made it to 6:30 this morning. 

Something else worth noting...
I was a little worried about creating a marshmallow, juice-drinking, 
must-have-a-reward-to-go-potty monster. 
Good news: I don't.
I still give high-fives and "I'm so proud of you"s, but we've phased out the treats.

This concludes the longest blog post in Jack and the Kumquat history.


Ashley said...

I for one appreciated this post. I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and do this. Ryann knows pretty much EXACTLY what she is doing. I think we are just both dragging our feet!

Kelly said...

I love the potty party!! C loves his potty and was obsessed with going on it for the first couple of days, but the excitement wore off and now we're back to diapers full time. He isn't quite there yet so maybe this summer we'll try again :) Great job Miss A!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! Great job!

Sarah said...

Great job, mama! And now I'm going to copy every single thing you did, as soon as I work up the nerve. :-)

Melissa said...

I am so impressed with all your details. Great job gettin' 'er done! And great job documenting it all :)

Laura said...

You did awesome and totally deserve some type of reward for all your hard work!!

I loved how cute your little clothesline/panty/snack/activity set up looked. So blog post worthy for sure!!

Holly said...

I love the potty party idea! Good job!

Miss G said...

This is REALLY good to know. I am afraid of potty training, I'll admit. I think we're going for it in August though. Kelly

Blomgrens said...

Wait... is she SLEEPING without a diaper? I am shocked and happy for you. Is it too much to ask about #2? It took Norah a long time to be comfortable doing that but now she's there. I'm thinking that's normal. Anyway, she would save that for nighttime when she had a diaper on. I'll have to check out the potty training in a day thing :)