Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I can't sleep.

Our city is on fire.
30,000+ people have been evacuated.
Homes and businesses are burning.

I took this photo Saturday while driving home from a picnic with Ben's company:

That fire has grown into this:
(All images are from Facebook...
"shared" so many times I have no idea where the originals came from.)


Please pray for our city.
Pray for rain.
Pray for no wind.
Pray for the firefighters, police officers, and news crews that are working non-stop,.
Pray for the families who are waking up to find their homes in ashes.

*We are not in the path of this fire.
We are the "B" on the the map below.
The blue areas are the current evacuations.
The red/pink is the burn area as of 5 hours ago.

Authorities speculate that it will be mid-July before this fire is extinguished.
I cannot wrap my mind around that.


Carey said...

I am just sick to my stomach because of this.

Brad & Rachel said...

I have actually been praying for you since Saturday. I've been wondering where you were in location to the burn. It is so devastating what is happening to our state this summer. I pray for rain daily.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, every other post on my Facebook feed right now is "My mom's house is gone" or "Fire is right across the street from my aunt's house." It is so scary! Praying for you guys and glad that you are in the safe zone!

Ashley said...

This absolutely breaks my heart. I am thankful you are not in the path of the fire right now, but it is devastating to see all who are. Hoping for the best possible outcome.