Friday, July 27, 2012

Fostering Update

We got our first foster care call last week!
It was a respite (short term) placement for a baby girl.

We took care of a smoochy, sweet 8-month-old for 4 days.
It was a perfect first fostering experience for us.

We got a call the other day for a 5-month-old baby girl,
but had to turn it down due to pending illness in our home.
More on that later.

Also, my sweet friends threw me a surprise foster shower Wednesday night.
I had no indicated by my dinner party appearance:
(Thanks, Jennifer, for the picture!)
Go here to see the rest of the pictures.
My friends are amazing.
So incredibly thoughtful.
I was in tears...and that's not an easy thing to do. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ben drank a Dry Soda with dinner tonight.
(They're really yummy.)
Alice reeeeeally wanted to have some.
After she ate a reasonable amount, Ben poured a little into her cup.

We realized this was her first taste of soda.
So, like any photo-obsessed first time mom,
I pulled out my phone to capture her reaction.
I'm glad I did.

She's listening to the bubbles in that last photo.
I love that kid.

Family Photos!

Remember when I posted about the Adventure Project a few months ago?
My friend, Mandy, hosted an auction.
And I won a photo shoot with Laura!
We got the pictures yesterday and LOVE them!

This was a common sight for the morning:

(Thanks for that, hair.)

(Again with my hair photo-bombing my face.)

Thank you so much, Laura!
You are awesome!

I'd like to put one on a canvas.
Any suggestions as to which one to pick?


Again, I have some catching up to do.
I believe Instagram is to blame for my sporadic posting. :)

For my birthday, I invited some friends over for a boxed wine tasting party. 
(I'm pretty classy like that.)

It was a perfect evening:
fun friends, yummy wine and snacks, and gorgeous weather!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A song...

Ben recorded this on my birthday:

Cracks me up.
I love that kid to pieces!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"I'm a snake!"

Alice's favorite public place activity=
dropping to the floor and pretending to be a snake.
This has been going on for months.
I try to sneak pictures, but she jumps up quickly if she catches me in the act.
Airports, IKEA, Target, name it.

Here are a few I have caught-



Home Depot:
(Alice says it as one word, "homedepot".)

The Fourth...finally.

We had a fun, relaxing day.

Coffee and cinnamon rolls on the front porch:

We spent the afternoon/evening with friends.

The littles played in the water:

My blurry little family:

I clearly didn't get the "let's wear black, white, and gray" memo.
How embarrassing!

A fun, relaxing day indeed!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on 10: July!

Finding the beauty in the ordinary moments...
and the extraordinary moments.
Ben's grandparents are in town for a couple days.
It's always fun to see them!

Jack being Jack:

My favorite mug...year round:

Yes, yes, yes!
I can finally watch the last 2 episodes of Season 2!

Epic bed-head:

It's always weird when you stare at your own name thinking it must be misspelled.

Quick trip to the store:

Lunch with Ben's family:

Alice and Lilly with their great-grandmothers:

Setting the table:

Entertainment while mama gets dinner ready:

See more here:
ten on ten button

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A few updates...

1.  Fire- 
As I wrote here, the fire was a nasty beast.
346 homes were burned.
Many more damaged by smoke, water, etc.

Thankfully, the fire is almost completely contained...
WAY earlier than expected!

2. Weather-
After weeks of incredibly hot weather,
we finally have some reprieve!
This is a beautiful sight:

I guess Colorado finally got the memo that vintage is in 
and decided to bring back cool nights and afternoon thunderstorms.
I love you, old school Colorado!

3. Foster care-
We are officially licensed!
I now keep my phone near by at all times in case we're called.
The room is ready!

4. Alice-
She's still pretty cute.
And pretty feisty.
But mostly sweet. :)

5. Chickens-
The chickens no longer have free reign of our entire backyard.
They have a run on the side of our house.
I'm happier.
And our grass is happier.
Now we can eat outside without chickens jumping up on our table!

6. Friday Night Lights-
I just finished the first season.
I love it!
This show started 6 years ago.
I can't believe I'm just now watching it.
I'm off to watch an episode now!
Oh yeah!


My husband is awesome.
He suggested I go on a trip to visit my dear friend Carey.
That idea turned into Carey and I meeting in Chicago for a girls weekend.
Our friend Katie decided to join us, too!
The weekend was much anticipated and throughly enjoyed.

You never really know how friends are going to travel together.
Thankfully, we were a good team.
The trip was a perfect balance of restful and adventurous. 

Here's the weekend in pictures:

Katie came to my house at 3:30.
Our flight left Denver at 6am.
Not so fun.

However, flying without a toddler=fun!

We were THRILLED to see Carey!
It had been too long.

Riding the train into town:

After getting checked into our hotel,
(Carey got us an amazing deal at the Holiday Inn at the Merchandise Mart!)
we took off to go exploring...
at that exact time, the skies opened up.

So, we bought super cool matching panchos!

Ate at Lou Malnati's:

Then, we took a walking tour with Chicago Elevated.
We took the "Disaster Tour" and it was really great!

Afterward, we went back to the hotel, washed our nasty dirty feet, and took naps.

When we woke up, we decided to head down to Navy Pier.

We ate dinner at City Porch.
The weather was perfect and it was fun to people watch and to watch the boats come and go.

After dinner, we walked around the pier before starting our trek back to the hotel.

Took a water taxi:

Then found some zombies:


We got up and took the bus back down to the Pier.

We had tickets to Disney's Beauty and the Beast playing at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.
I smiled the ENTIRE time.
And I may have cried...
three or four times.
It was beautiful!

After the show, we hit up the swings!

I went ahead and ignored the "absolutely no cell phones" rule.

I'm glad I did. :)

We had lunch at Fox and Obel and loved it!

Walked down to the Magnificent Mile.
(It was windy. In Chicago. Imagine that.)

Went in a few shops.
Bought Alice her "I-got-you-a-gift-so-please-don't-be-mad-at-me-for-leaving-you" gift...
sparkle toenail polish.
She loved it, but still decided to pee on me while standing in the bank line
and have 3 other accidents the day after I got home.
That was fun. Not.

Trying on hats in Forever 21.

Went to the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower.
This was the view from the ladies room:

We liked Fox and Obel so much we went back there for dinner.
I really wish we had a place like that in the Springs!

After dinner we took an architecture boat tour.
It was highly recommended and rightfully so!

The tour concluded with fireworks at the Pier.

According to Google Maps, it was only 2 miles back to our hotel.
(I know Katie and Carey are saying, "NO WAY!")
It felt like 20.


We hopped on the train and went to Wicker Park.

There, we had coffee at the Wormhole.
I had a Koopa Troopa.
Peanut butter + espresso.
It was tasty!

Then, I had the most amazing breakfast of my life at The Bongo Room.
This is the description for that piece of french toast:
"bittersweet chocolate chunk bread stuffed with maple
mascarpone, banana crème brulee sauce, bananas & shaved chocolate"
Unbelievably good.
If you get the chance, get your bad self there for breakfast, for sure!

We left Wicker Park and headed to Millennium Park.
Found the bean, like good little tourists:

And then headed to the water for a little bit.

Then, the sad moment came when we needed to head back to hotel to check out.
Then, the sad moment when we boarded the train for the airport.
And the sad moment when Katie and I said goodbye to Carey.
After a looong evening of travel, I got to see my sweet husband.

I've never jumped out of bed so quickly as when I heard Alice wake up in the middle of the night.
I couldn't wait to go see her!
We snuggled for a little bit and went back to sleep.

That was a super fun weekend!