Saturday, July 7, 2012

A few updates...

1.  Fire- 
As I wrote here, the fire was a nasty beast.
346 homes were burned.
Many more damaged by smoke, water, etc.

Thankfully, the fire is almost completely contained...
WAY earlier than expected!

2. Weather-
After weeks of incredibly hot weather,
we finally have some reprieve!
This is a beautiful sight:

I guess Colorado finally got the memo that vintage is in 
and decided to bring back cool nights and afternoon thunderstorms.
I love you, old school Colorado!

3. Foster care-
We are officially licensed!
I now keep my phone near by at all times in case we're called.
The room is ready!

4. Alice-
She's still pretty cute.
And pretty feisty.
But mostly sweet. :)

5. Chickens-
The chickens no longer have free reign of our entire backyard.
They have a run on the side of our house.
I'm happier.
And our grass is happier.
Now we can eat outside without chickens jumping up on our table!

6. Friday Night Lights-
I just finished the first season.
I love it!
This show started 6 years ago.
I can't believe I'm just now watching it.
I'm off to watch an episode now!
Oh yeah!


Sarah said...

I love these updates! Especially the beautiful photos. Wow! And your baby's room is just perfect. I can't wait to meet the first lucky little guy or gal who gets to sleep there. :-)

Laura said...

We started watching Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago and are almost finished with the 3rd Season!! It is so addicting.

Love seeing that room waiting for some kiddos. I am excited just thinking about that for you!!