Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FNL/Olympics, Updating, Potty, and Chickenpox

Friday Night Lights vs. the Olympics
I haven't watched even one minute of the Olympics.  
I did, however, watch the entire 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights in 6 weeks. 
(Sarah, Jennifer, Jen, Laura, and any other FNL fans,
click on that link)
That's some Olympic-like dedication, right?

What I've learned about the Olympics via the constant stream of comments on Facebook:
The Queen didn't smile at the kids.
A gymnast got ripped off.
The judges are unfair and don't know how to score events.
Michael Phelps is back and collecting metals. 

Updating the Blog
I'm going back through old blog posts and fixing the format and photo sizes.  
So, those old posts that popped up in your Google Reader feed yesterday? T
hat's why. Shouldn't happen again. Promise. 

Potty Pains
When I returned from Chicago at the end of June, 
Alice decided the perfect payback would be to stop using the potty. 
(After 6 weeks of being fully and reliably potty trained.)  

I *think* we're mostly back on track now. 
Lesson learned: Never leave your toddler. Ever! 
Just kidding, I'd leave this weekend, if I had an opportunity. (See #4)

Alice was exposed to chickenpox 16 days ago. 
Average incubation time is 14-16 days. 
She started showing some signs yesterday, 
so I'm curious to see how she is when she wakes this morning. 

From what I read, the earliest incubation would have been 10 days. 
Kids are contagious 1-2 days before they show signs. 
All of this to say, Alice and I have been in isolation for NINE DAYS now. 
No gym, preschool, church, play dates, etc. 

I figured it was my decision to do the chickenpox thing now, 
but didn't want to potentially expose anyone else. 
I erred on the side of extreme caution and now I'm paying for it. 
Cabin fever!! 

That's all for now!
It's coffee time!
(Please excuse any typos. My eyes aren't really working, yet.)

P.S.- Holy Cow!
It's August!


Kelly said...

I'm sorry about the chicken pox. Somehow I got really lucky and am immune. All my sisters and cousins got it at the same time when we were younger and I managed to escape. I also never had hand, foot, and mouth when I was little but C caught that last year and gave it to me. Most miserable two weeks of our lives. Hang in there!!!

Laura said...

Thank you for feeding my FNL obsession. I will take anything I can get at this point. I am still in the early stages of grieving that loss.

Kids love to punish their parents when they leave, but I am with you, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!