Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Somethings about somethings.

These photos finally escaped my phone:

1. During one of our little guy's visit with his parents,
I took Alice to a coffee shop. 
She picked out a $3.50 gluten free muffin.
I'm glad she was excited about it.
Never again.
($3.50 for a muffin!? Sheesh.)

2. Look who learned how to open the camera on my phone:
I had about 30 pictures exactly like this one.

3. Alice came home from preschool with this:
I thought it was sweet.
She colored on the back of it.

4. Speaking of coloring, she's been really into art projects.
She spends at least an hour everyday doing this.
Gluing, painting, markers, crayons.
Makes me so happy to see her enjoy being creative!

6. Maybe we should get her a legitimate sandbox or sensory table?

7. A favorite thing to do:
Crib cuddles.
The big one is enamored with the little one.

The little one is leaving us on Friday...going with his aunt and uncle, who I really like!
It's a good change, though a sad one.
We have fallen in love with him.
We're thankful to have a few days to prep Alice.
All in all, our first foster care experience has been a really good one.

(I'm the anti-cool.)

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