Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're alive.

Here's what's happening around here:

1. We survived the weekend with 4 kids!
It was busy, but fun.
Alice keeps asking when the "big kids" are coming over to play.

2. The little guy's nighttime sleep has been less than stellar.
He was up 4 times last night and we declared it the best night so far.
I even feel rested today!
For the first time, they're currently napping at the same time.

3. I met the baby's parents yesterday!
I wasn't really supposed to, but I'm glad it worked out.
It went SO much better than I could've imagined it.
(I've heard many stories that set me up to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.)
We talked, cried, and even hugged.
I like her.
I want her to know we're on her team.
I want her to get her son back.
It confirmed for us why we're doing this.
I'd love if you'd join us in praying for the little guy's parents.

4. My friends and family are amazing...

Jonathan and Jen came to our rescue Saturday morning 
(after our first sleepless night) with carbs and caffeine.
And then even came back later and hung out with the littles while we took a nap.
1 hour felt like 5.
"Thank you" is a gross understatement.

We've had dinner from Cathy and Sarah.
Meal planning has never been my strong suit. 
Cooking dinner these last few days has been really challenging.
What an incredible blessing!!

My friends, Sarah, Jennifer, Karin, and Megan, gave us formula.
(That stuff is expensive!)

Megan also loaned us tons of cute tiny boy clothes
and a miracle rocker that puts the little dude to sleep in no time!

Many emails and texts from family and friends checking on us,
asking if we need help,
and encouraging us.

We feel so loved.
Thank you x 1,000,000!!

5. Several people have asked about how Alice is doing.
She's pretty much a foster sister rockstar.
I couldn't be more proud of her.
We know this could change at any moment,
but hoping it doesn't.

She got to meet his mama yesterday, too.
She was really sweet to Alice. :)

6. My husband is amazing.
I love watching how he loves the little guy.
I love that he recognizes that it's important that I get some sleep at night, too.
We make a really great team.

*We cannot post any pictures our foster children's faces,
but as far as I'm aware, these photos are acceptable.
Someone (Karin?) let me know if they aren't and I'll remove them. :)


Mandy said...

wow. proud of you and inspired by you. way to go :)

Kelly said...

What a precious moment between those two littles. You guys are amazing and making such a difference in these babies lives.

Ashley said...

You might check with Kristal on what pictures are appropriate. I know that is why she made her blog unsearchable and stopped posting about their foster experience, but she might have better details of what is and is not allowed...

Also, bam, go you surviving 4 kiddos. I hope you get some sleep!

Noodles said...

sigh, these pictures melt my heart. You are amazing.

Miss G said...

Oh wow! This is so incredible! You have amazing friends! Kelly

Brad & Rachel said...

Amazing, what you're doing! And that you're surviving! =)
I have a couple cans of newborn formula from our Dr.'s samples that they give out that we never used. Would you want me to mail them to you?
e-mail me,

Laura said...

Wow!! Keep sharing. I love hearing about this journey. So glad you guys are hanging in there. I love how you are being loved and I am going to remember these ideas for the future!!

adwellingplacewithin said...

I am not sure. I couldn't tell who they were, I wouldn't see why its an issue (ill check for you ). Also, Alice is a rock star. What a sweetie, snuggling that little sweetie!

Tamsyn said...

I'm so happy for you, you guys are just amazing! And those photos of Alice with the baby... divine!