Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alice's Room

I think I'm finished with Alice's big girl room...for now...
and I love it.

It's nothing fancy.
Nothing that will ever be featured on baby/home decor blogs.
Nothing that will show up on Pinterest.
But, I love it.

We named Alice Claire after our paternal grandmothers,
Ben's Grandma AJ (Alice Jean) and my Granny (Nancy Clarenell).
She has an amazing legacy of beautiful, faithful women.
Her room is filled with things that remind us of our families and friends.

-Alice's great-great grandmother, Grandma Hartman, made that quilt for her.
-Her great grandmother, Grandma AJ, made the little pink blanket.
-The cow was a gift from Alice's first real (non friend or family) babysitter 
and the only thing she doesn't have to share. :)
-The picture of Jesus with the little children hung in Ben's childhood room.
His mama recently gave it to us with a beautiful frame, 
but I switched it out to a cheap, non-glass one in case it ever falls.
-Her name hung above her crib in her baby room.
-I printed the alphabet from online somewhere and hung it on lace.

-My Granny gave me that embroidered cloth years ago.
It's perfect for her little table.
-The book was a gift to Alice from Ben and I on her first Christmas.

-The bed on the right is where we pile on to read stories at night.
She'll eventually have two twin beds in here.
The quilt on that bed was made for me by my Grandma Hartman.
-The butterfly has hung in each of my classrooms. It was been loved by many children.
-The pink picture frame on the right was a gift from my friend, Carey.
It has Alice's handprint and footprint from when she was 1.
-I used vinyl to cut out the face for her side table to make it Side Table Drawer from Blues Clues.
Killed me a little, but she loves it. 

-I know the yellow part is supposed to hang in front, but it wasn't quite long enough.
This will have to do and really, I like it better this way. :)
-Found these at the Arc.

-This shelf came with Ben when we got married.
I painted it white and it's a perfect toy shelf.
-Holly Hobby was mine when I was a baby.
-The quilt was my mom's baby blanket. 
Also made by my great grandmother, I believe.
-A couple of those toys are from her Aunt Ki-Ki.
-The weeble-wobble bird was a gift from my friend, Anne.
-The bookends are invitations from my baby shower.
-Many of the toys were found at garage sales and antique malls.
I love hearing people say, "I had that toy when I was a kid!"
Fisher Price made their toys indestructible back then.
The "Tumble Tower" in the middle (laying on it's side) is from 1974 and still works perfectly.
-Rug is from IKEA.

-I made the banner out of vintage lace and scrap fabric.
-The desk was a $2 garage sale find.
I cleaned it and sprayed it with a protective sealant since the rust freaked me out a little.
-The quilt on the chair is made from my wedding dress.

So there you have it!
Alice's little room of memories.

I'm already preparing myself for the day she says,
"I don't like my room! I want a Barbie/Disney/Dora/etc room with pink walls!"
Sorry, Alice.
No pink walls. 
The family who lived in this house before us already ruined that for you.

Millie's Liver!

Our sweet little friend, Millie, has had her new liver for almost a year now!
Her mama threw a party for her to celebrate.
It was a fun art themed play date.

Here's a few pictures from yesterday morning:

A healthy Millie!
Thank you, Jesus!

The littles:

A busy, but fun morning!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Trip to the Apple Farm

We went to Happy Apple Farm this morning.
The last time she went was when she was 6 months old.
(I can't believe her 1/2 birthday is coming up this week!)

Looks like photo compliance would be minimal today-

Picking and eating raspberries-


"Monkey backpack wants to go to the apple farm!"

I love this picture-

Found a teeny-tiny apple-

On the hunt for a pumpkin-
(I love her little thumbs in the backpack straps.
Such a big kid thing to do.)

No outing is complete with at least one toddler meltdown.
This trip had at least 3.
Don't let the happy pictures fool you...

All in all, it was a fun outing!

Welcome, Fall!


Ben's coworker flies hot air balloons.
Super cool!

He told us about a little demo they were doing at an elementary school,
so we went to check it out.

SO glad we did.
It was a magical evening for our little girl.

Inflating the "walk-through balloon":

Inside the balloon:

My little family watching the balloons fill:

A fun Friday night, for sure!
Alice was on cloud 9.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Alice put this hat on and danced around saying,
"I'm a circus!
I'm a ciiircus!
I'm a circus!"
for at least 30 minutes.

She kind of IS a circus these days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm a fan.

A friend and I switch kiddos on Tuesdays.
She takes them for the morning, I take them for the afternoon. 

This morning I thought I'd tackle this ugliness:

That's the fan in our bedroom.
That is what I see when I lay in bed.
The dark brown didn't bother me, but the gold did.

So I painted it.
(Let's ignore those popcorn ceilings, okay?
I'm never going to scrape those.)

Much less in-your-face.

And a distance shot:

I just spent precious nap time minutes writing about a ceiling fan.
THAT'S just how excited I am about the lack of gold.

Now if only I could reach it's twin hovering over the living room...


I heard Alice saying,
"Where'd it go? Where's my sticker? I can't find it!"

This is what I saw when she came around the corner:

Love that kid.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A fun evening.

My sister-in-law told me about a little "beach" she found at the park near our homes.
(They live about a block away, which is so fun.)

So last night we packed up our girls, sand toys, food and wine,
and headed there to play and watch the sunset.

It was awesome.

Next time we'll bring a change of clothes for the girls.
They were soaked!
(And exhausted.)

The blue guy.

As I wrote in the last post,
we decided we would celebrate when a foster baby returns home.
Regardless of how we feel about the circumstances,
we know it's important for there to be closure for Alice.
We talk about how we did a good job taking care of "the babies"
and make predictions about our next placement.
Alice has been right 2/2 so far with baby boys.
She thinks our next baby will be a girl.
We'll see!

Anyway, she LOVES this blue dancing guy on top of a local ice cream shop.
Asks to see him each time we get in the car.
When we told her that's where we were going for our special treat, 
she smiled and said,
"I'm so proud of you!"

Made us laugh.

It's unfortunate she now associates the blue guy with ice cream.
Now she wants to see him AND get a treat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 on 10 & an update

Finding the beauty in the ordinary moments.

We started this day with three children in our home
and unexpectedly ended with only one.

This was our day:

14 month old toes-

Playing in the tent-

It's a festival of snot around here.
I hate allergies!

I found him like this:

My view=
baby foot and my little barnacle.

There's a couple hours missing here.
I had to take the 2 littles to the doctor.
It's one of the many foster care rules.
We waited FOREVER.
If there was a photo here, it would be of my blood boiling.

But then I came home to this on my porch:
Clothes for the 3 month old!
My friends are awesome.

Caught Jack in a yawn-

Wishing I could sit outside and read-

After nap, I surprised Alice with a special treat-
She sat in the stroller for almost 2 hours at the doctor's office today.
(I didn't want her to touch anything. Yucky sick germs. Nasty.)
She was incredibly patient.

Then, at around 3:00, I received a call.
The judge decided the two littles should return home.
I won't go into all the reasons I think this was a poor choice right now.
I took the cutest picture of the two of them.
I wish I could share it here.
(Our little baby room has framed photos of all the littles we've cared for.
We're at 6 now.)
Then, I got their things packed up and we said goodbye.
This evening we took Alice out for a special dinner and treat.
We decided to celebrate children returning home with her.
We high-fived to taking good care of our friends.
Our little girl, not even 2 1/2 years old yet, gets it.
We are so proud of her.

So, that was our long, long, draining day.
Thankful His mercies are new each day!

And, though I miss the little ones, we're SO looking forward to sleeping all night tonight.
Resting up in preparation for our next placement!

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