Thursday, September 6, 2012

Somethings about somethings.

Here's what's happening around these parts:

1. We got a call Tuesday night for 2 little ones.
A 14 month old little girl,
and her 3 month old baby brother.
And we took it.
3 kids under 2 1/2.
Here we go!

2. Turns out, 3 car seats can fit in the back seat of the Volvo.
However, I'd take a minivan in a heartbeat!

3.  Going from 1 child to 2 was challenging.
Going from 1 to 3 has been extra, extra challenging for us.
Ben and I took the circus to Target yesterday.
It was the most adventurous thing we've done in a long time.
I think, "How in the world does my sister do it?" about 100 times a day.
(She has 12.)

4. I have been absolutely blown away by the support our family and friends have shown us.
It would be very, very easy for them to say,
"Well, you guys signed up for this! Deal."
Formula and stickers (for Alice) from a blog friend I haven't even met.
Diapers and formula from a friend I haven't seen since high school.
More formula from a friend from middle school.
Friends have shown up at times when I'm home alone with the 3 just to be extra hands.
Absolutely amazing.
I could go on and on.
We feel immensely blessed that people want to walk beside us during this journey!

5. "But don't you get paid to do foster care? Why are you asking for formula?"
That mess is expensive, yo!
And, the way the payment stuff works, we'll get a stipend check at the end of September for the little guy we had at the beginning of August.
We just got our first check for the respite care we provided in July...
4 days, 3 nights for an 8 month old.
Making the big bucks, oh yes we are!
(Nope. We are not.)

"But you can get free formula from WIC, right?"
Ideally, yes.
All kids in foster care are automatically eligible for WIC.
But our last little guy's mama had already picked up the certificates.
We've been told twice now that they can't be reissued.
Dang it.
We haven't received the info needed to inquire about WIC for these new little ones yet,
but I'm not super hopeful it'll pan out.

I'm CERTAINLY not asking anyone to buy formula for us.
We'd just love any sample cans the formula companies send out, 
if they aren't being used/won't be used.

I hoarded the ones I received when I had Alice;
convinced Ben would need them to feed her if I died.
I was maaaybe just a little hormonal.

6. Alice starting going to the sweetest little home preschool today.
I'm in love with it.
Makes me want to have a little preschool again someday.

7. Speaking of, we have a peculiar little girl.
(In case the chicken dreams video didn't clue you in on that one.)
She's been very interested in puppets and gloves.
So much so that she's been sleeping with her little pair of gardening gloves.
She'll wake up,
use her seahorse as a flashlight,
find her gloves,
put them on, 
and then go back to sleep.
Here's a photo from the monitor:
(labeled since it's ultrasound-looking)

Alright, I should be sleeping instead of rambling. :)
Too tired to proofread. 

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adwellingplacewithin said...

Love reading about Alice. What a sweetie. Next week Id love to stop by and help clean or play with kids to give you a rest.
You are a rock-start!!!