Monday, September 17, 2012

The blue guy.

As I wrote in the last post,
we decided we would celebrate when a foster baby returns home.
Regardless of how we feel about the circumstances,
we know it's important for there to be closure for Alice.
We talk about how we did a good job taking care of "the babies"
and make predictions about our next placement.
Alice has been right 2/2 so far with baby boys.
She thinks our next baby will be a girl.
We'll see!

Anyway, she LOVES this blue dancing guy on top of a local ice cream shop.
Asks to see him each time we get in the car.
When we told her that's where we were going for our special treat, 
she smiled and said,
"I'm so proud of you!"

Made us laugh.

It's unfortunate she now associates the blue guy with ice cream.
Now she wants to see him AND get a treat.

1 comment:

Miss G said...

Oh yes! Somehow our little mister dubbed him the crazy chicken so that's what we call him now. :). Kelly