Sunday, October 21, 2012

939 days old

Dear Alice,
This is a few weeks late, but you're now 2 1/2!

Here are some things we want to remember about you at this age:

-You would stay in your jammies 24 hours a day, if we'd allow it.

-You sleep in a big girl bed; a twin bed with 3 pillows and 7+ blankets.
It's like a little nest. 

-Yesterday you said, "Don't give up, Mama!" when I was getting 
frustrated at how long it was taking to get in the car.

-You always notice when my hair isn't in a ponytail.
Even you recognize its rarity.

-You love your babies and enjoy taking care of them.

-You love jumping and get amazing air for your tiny stature.

-When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up,
you always respond with, "Trees!"

-New favorite color= pink.
I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

-You still say you dream about chickens...
every single time we ask.

-You love asking if we remember things.
"Mama, remember when we went swimming?"

-You generally sleep 12+ hours at night and take a 2-3 hour nap each day,
though you always act like it's a surprise when I say it's time to go to bed.

-You love pretending to be animals and singing songs.

-You are very in tune with people's emotions, often asking if we're feeling sad/happy/angry/frustrated/etc.

-I love when you say, "You're my best friend, Mama."

-Current interests: hot air balloons, rainbows, Halloween decorations, the moon,
swinging, watching kitten videos on YouTube, preschool, and markers.

We adore you, sweet Alice!
You make us laugh all the time.
We love your tender heart and spunky spirit.

Love, Mama


Carey said...

She is so beautiful....Abby's favorite past time is watching dog videos on youtube, those girls are destined to be best friends.

Kelly said...

I think you need to frame a few of those pics. Simply beautiful with that sweet face and those colorful leaves!

WeeMason's Mom said...

These pictures are just beautiful!!

I love that she says she dreams about chickens LOL