Tuesday, October 2, 2012

iPhone 5

Lots of people like to hate on the new iPhone.
(My sweet husband included.)

But, I got mine yesterday and I love it!
(Sold my old one on Craigslist for the same amount I paid for a new one. Score!)

I use it for about 10% phone calls.
10% texting.
10% web/applications.
70% capturing memories.

My old phone's camera was poo.
Almost every picture was blurry.

But, look what I caught today:

Notice the leaves in the air. Love.

Please no "she needs a baby brother/sister" comments.
Can't handle that today...or tomorrow...or the day after that.

These two will be partners in crime in no time!

Yes, I know there are plenty of phones out there that take as good/better photos.
I'm still partial to iPhones. :)


Kelly said...

I am due for an upgrade in Nov. Can't wait to replace my beat up 4 with the 5! This time I will be investing in an otterbox ;)

Laura said...

Never apologize for loving your iPhone! I can't imagine life without mine. :)