Saturday, October 20, 2012

What we've been up to these past couple weeks:

A naughty day:
(PSA- "washable" markers from the dollar store are not washable...took 3 days for it to fade.)

 My family came in town to visit us.
It was so fun getting to see them.
I should've taken more pictures!

Building with my dad:

Indoor swing fun:

A spontaneous trip to the zoo...

Trying to pet the orangutan: 

Weighs as much as a Black and White Colobus:

She finally fed the giraffes!
We've been going to the zoo regularly since she was 2 weeks old so this was a big deal!

 Taking care of her babies:

Playing at the park:

Cheesy picture with Daddy:

Swimming at the indoor splash pool:

Hanging with friends:
(Picture stolen from Sarah. :) )

Working on Alice's rainbow costume:

I love this time of year!


Sarah said...

Love that photo from the indoor splash park! Now I want to go with you guys!

Ashley said...

Umm, in the 'naughty' picture? She is totally 13 and giving you quite the look :). I love it!