Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another mini-me photo

I love when someone comments on an old picture on Facebook and it resurfaces.

That happened last week with this one,
posted in April 2008...a couple months before Ben and I were married:

That's me with my grandparents' old dog, Red.

I showed Alice and she seemed confused.
I asked who it looked like and she said, "Me!"
When I told her it was her mama, she giggled and said, "That's cute."

This afternoon I offered her a mini marshmallow to try to recreate the picture with Jack. :)
Here's the best I got:

So crazy.

Another with us in the same dress.
And another.

I don't think Alice looks a lot like me now,
but my baby pictures are uncanny!
I know it freaks my mom out a little. :)


Ashley said...

Ummm creepy look alike. Like I really thought the photo of you was Alice.

Lindsey Jo said...

ok. that's weird. y'all are the same person.

Kelly said...

You are baby twins! I think it's amazing and there is certainly no denying she's your daughter!!

Noodles said...

That is INSANE.

Laura said...

I have NEVER seen that close of a resemblance in mama and daughter pictures. CRAZY!