Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Thankfulness Post

Hello, again!

Here's the latest installment of Thankfulness:

-The baby girl is doing SO good!
She fits right in to our little family.
She's sleeping and eating like a champ.
8 weeks old now.
I wish I could share more about her little life;
how she is truly a miracle.
Maybe someday.
I'm thankful for each day we get to spend with her!

-Alice is doing awesome, too.
She recently learned how to operate doorknobs,
which is unfortunate.
She makes up songs.
She always has a baby in her arms.
She adores the baby girl and is incredibly sweet to her.
I'm so thankful for the one who made me a mother!

-This past weekend I went on a getaway with some of my favorite people.
It was the perfect trip for me.
No real agenda.
Lots of time in sweats and PJs.
Yummy food.
Tons of laughing.
It did my heart good.

When Ben and I got married and I moved to the Springs,
I was SO lonely.
I had/have the most amazing girlfriends in Boulder
and I missed/miss them like crazy.
God gave me these 7 friends and for that, I am forever thankful!

-I'm thankful for my amazing husband.
There is no one in the world I'd rather be living life with.
He works hard for us.
He prays for us.
He loves us...even when we're cranky.
He scratches my back as I fall asleep.
This past weekend, he held down the fort while I sat on my hiney in the mountains.
(Baby girl was spoiled by an amazing foster family for the weekend.)
He took Alice to Chick-fil-A to eat and play,
to a friend's house for breakfast,
to the park to play followed by hot chocolate,
and out to dinner for pancakes.
Children in our home are blessed to have him as a father.
Thank you, Lord, for giving me Ben!

-I stopped by my friend, Sarah's, house this afternoon.
We met in our Bradley class when we were pregnant with our little girls.
She loaned me warm baby clothes and made me a cup of coffee.
Best cup of coffee I've had in a really long time!
I'm so thankful for her friendship!

-As I write this, my house is messy.
Laundry is piling.
Floors need to be cleaned.
Toys need to be put away.
Our house is very, very lived it.
I say, "I love this house." every single day.
I do. I love it.
It still needs a lot of work, but we love it.
We love making memories here.
I'm incredibly thankful for this home!

I'll stop there for tonight. 
My list is long.
To be continued...

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Mandy said...

what a cute group of friends! looks like SO much fun :)