Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faces of Alice

I really wanted some bokeh Christmas pictures of Alice.
I had to bring out the big guns for compliance.

Total cost= 3 gumdrops.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our fun morning...

She got a can of olives in her stocking.
I had to open it for her right away. :)

I love that she wanted to wear her angel wings.

Alice got Ben a package of Vanilla Wafers.
She was so cute when he opened it. 
Pure joy!

Thanking the little one for a gift. :)


Trying out my new tripod!

I gave Alice the remote and we had sudden photo-taking compliance!
A Christmas miracle!

She's a reindeer!

A Jack photo bomb-

Blurry, but I still love it...

Monday, December 17, 2012

An update on our lives...

I was just looking through pictures 
and realized there's been so much going on 
that I haven't written about here.

So, here's a little update on how we're doing.
(with Instagram pictures)

In short, this has been the hardest season Ben and I have walked through together.
Within 2 weeks, we miscarried and had a very stressful situation with our little foster baby.
(I'm not going to go into that here.)
All is well now.
Life is beginning to feel typical again.
We are all healthy and happy.

Man, I love that man.
He really is amazing.
Whenever I feel like I'm about to lose my mind,
Ben is always there to hold me, pray for me, and remind me that God is in control.
He loves his job and is really good at it.
He enjoys playing bass with the worship team at church,
playing ultimate frisbee with his work friends,
and playing video games after the girls are in bed.
And, he makes us laugh...all the time.

I'm good!
It's been an incredibly busy/stressful couple of weeks, 
and I've felt behind in pretty much every aspect of my life.
I feel like I can't get caught up.
But that's okay.
I feel that way because I'm blessed with an active preschooler, 
a sweet little baby, a wonderful part-time job, and home we love that has an endless to-do list.
I'm also blessed with the most amazing family and friends I could ever imagine.
I could write a book about the love and kindness we've been shown these past few weeks.
In lighter news, I've been enjoying lots of coffee, wine, and chocolate,
my trifecta of happiness.

Our little rascal has changed so much in the past couple months.
She seems so much older these days.
She worked on one coloring page for 3 days.
She spent the night at Ben's parents house and loved every second of it.
She listed the opposites for at least 10 words...until I couldn't think of others.
She still loves sign language and enjoys learning new signs.

Her solution to how loud the indoor splash park is:

Chillin' in the table hammock:

Face painting:


We recently had our first big snow of the season.
She couldn't wait to go outside.
This was taken at 7:30am:

Cookie decorating with her buddy, Iris:

Being a little weird:
(this is day 1 of coloring that page)

Tonight we took her to see the lights, again.
She is making Christmas a million times more fun than I ever could've imagined.
She thinks all Christmas lights are spectacular.
"I see the Christmas!!!"

She's also been a really great helper with our little baby.
At the first peep, she says, "Hurry, Mom! Let's go get her!"
It's also cute to hear her gently say, "It's okay. It's okay, sweet baby."

The Littlest One:
She recently turned 3 months old and now weighs over 12 pounds.
She's super smiley and generally a happy baby.
She eats like a champ and sleeps like a baby...waking 2-3 times a night.
Our little one has completely stolen our hearts.

Alice has been here:

Checking out the lights:

He's fine.
I like him...until people come to the door and he freaks out like we're all about to die.
Makes me crazy.
But other than that, he's a really good dog.
I think it's funny how he uses anything he can as a pillow:

Not much to report about them, other than the fact that we've kept them alive for 10 months now.
And, they're earning their keep:

Alright, that's the update!
The end.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

0/3 with Santa

...or 3/3, if you're like me and think pictures of kids crying with Santa are funny.
Disclaimer: This year we talked a lot about Santa coming to our house.
She was fully aware that the guy in the costume is our friend, James.
He even took off the beard to show her.
She was just being a pistol. 

Breakfast with Santa

We had our "small" group friends over yesterday morning for brunch.
Santa showed up, which is always fun...for the parents.
Our friend, James, is such a good sport to hold our screaming children.

Some photos from the morning:
(our little foster baby is hiding behind the heart)

I love these "action" shots:

Coloring with James/Santa:

Family photo with Santa:
(Is a little button over her face less creepy than the heart?)

We love our little community!
23 people, yummy food, coffee, crafts, gift exchange, Santa, mimosas, and lots of laughter.
So, so, so much fun!

In less than 2 weeks the Klenkes will be back with us!!
It'll be so good to have the whole group together again.
I cannot wait.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's uncanny.

My mom has been scanning old photos and emailing them to me.
It's so fun!

Here's another "it's creepy just how much my daughter looks like me at her age" photo:

And to really freak my mom out...

The best thing about her looking like me=
Middle school awkwardness.
Keeps the boys away!