Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our fun morning...

She got a can of olives in her stocking.
I had to open it for her right away. :)

I love that she wanted to wear her angel wings.

Alice got Ben a package of Vanilla Wafers.
She was so cute when he opened it. 
Pure joy!

Thanking the little one for a gift. :)


Trying out my new tripod!

I gave Alice the remote and we had sudden photo-taking compliance!
A Christmas miracle!

She's a reindeer!

A Jack photo bomb-

Blurry, but I still love it...


Becky said...

What a cute little family morning. I love Alice and the olives. Kids make Christmas morning so fun! The last picture with you and Alice needs to be framed!

Cathy V said...

i used to get a can of black olives in my stocking when i was a kid!

Kelly said...

Love the family pics! Merry Christmas and New Year! Can't wait to "see" what's in store for you guys in 2013 :)