Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tonight at bedtime...

Ben: I hope you're a good sleeper tonight.
Alice: HONK! (and honks Ben's nose)
Ben: I love you.
Alice: I hope you pee your pants!!! (hysterical laughter)

Oh man.
The almost-3-year-old wears us out!
She is the master of diversion.
Her highs are high.
Her lows are low.
One moment she'll be cracking herself up just by saying the word, California.
The next, the world is ending because the spoon she wants is in the dishwasher.
She keeps us on our toes.
She's inquisitive.
Having a preschooler means having the most random conversations in the world all day, every day.
It's mostly awesome. :)

Here's a sweet moment from this morning:

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I would have loved it even more if you said you were coming to California. =)