Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some things...

I cleared the photos off my phone and have some real gems to share.

1. Being a mom is so glamorous.
I have clean clothes for about 5 minutes each morning.

2. I loved this spelling of Melissa:
Photo #1 shows that my name really should probably be Messlia.

3. Read this book:
Go on now.
You won't be sorry.
Don't read the description.
That'll make you say, "Meh. Doesn't sound very interesting."
But do look at how many stars it has on Amazon.
I read it in one day.
That's unheard of for me these days.
Alice may or may not have watched a copious amount of Netflix shows that day.

4. I bought a blue piano the other day.
It was $150.
Then, I saw this:
And felt even better about the purchase.
My piano is WAY prettier than the $4,600 one.

5. Alice is learning how to plank.
She needs to work on her form.

6. Nap time naughtiness:

7. I saw this on Pinterest:

Good stuff.

8. There's no 8.
This is the end.


Carey said...

I love your blog. The end.

Miss G said...

AMAZING piano! Where did you get it? GREAT price!!!!!

I love your map. If you ever get tired of it I know someone who would want it. :)