Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's 2013

I loved today.
Not because it's Valentine's Day, 
but because we had a really sweet family day.
Ben took the day off work, which was such a fun surprise!

Alice woke up to a butterfly balloon, a decorated kitchen table, 
and a special breakfast.
She kept saying everything, was "so cute!"

Our little one had a visit with her mom this morning,
so Alice and I took Ben to our favorite coffee shop.

She jumped in puddles on the walk back. 

We had a low-key rest of the morning.
Then, the girls both took super naps!
I decided to be lazy during nap time.
(You know, since it's a "holiday" and all.)
I watched New Girl, Modern Family, and Nashville...
my trifecta of television happiness.

After the girls woke and were given some calories,
we went to the mall to ride the train and see puppies.

 Most pleasant trip to the mall ever.
Everyone was happy.

Then, we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner.
They had a special Valentines deal going on and it was so, so great.
Candy, flowers, a candle, and balloons on the tablecloth-covered tables.
Roses for the mamas.
Free ice cream.
We were seated at our table and had a waiter.
They brought our food out on plates and drinks in clear cups.
(It's the little things, y'all.)
The staff was all dressed up all fancy like.
No extra just pay for whatever you wanted to eat.
I kept saying, "This is so great!"
We'll be doing this again, for sure.
It was a perfect special dinner with kids in tow. 

Alice was so excited about the cow...
until he came over to visit.

The little one got in on the festivities as well.

I really hope I'll be able to post her sweet face on here someday.
If that happens, watch out.
I've taken a million pictures of her and will subject you to most of them. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all
and to all a good night!


Brad & Rachel said...

The pictures of Alice and Ben, so sweet! All of them. I love a girl with her Daddy, makes my heart melt. =)

Miss G said...

okay, seriously adorable! We had a family date day David's first year and it was so fun.

We need to do that again. Kelly

Kelly said...

That angel baby is just precious! Glad you guys had such a fun family day. Those are always so special :)