Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alice's 3rd Birthday!

Our family and friends came over to help us celebrate Alice turning 3.
Alice decided months ago that she wanted a butterfly birthday party and never turned back.
Butterflies it is!
(Thankfully, the Dollar Tree had a ton of butterfly paraphernalia. :) )

Last year, we spent most of her party outside.
It was sunny and warm.
This time, it was freezing and snowy!
Unpredictable Colorado!

Scenes from the party:
Alice was so excited to give wings to all of her friends.
We loved seeing her more excited about giving than receiving.
Soaking it in while it lasts!

I think face painting was one of her favorite parts.
Thank you, Sarah, for making her butterfly face paint dreams come true! :)

That incredible cake was made by a friend of mine, Danielle.
She's a stay-at-home mom who is about to start a cake making business.
It was just as tasty as it was cute!
She'll have a website and Facebook page soon.
I'll update with that info when I have it!

She loved when everyone sang to her!
It was sweet to see her face light up.

In an attempt to get a picture of all the kids together,
we pulled out a little bubble machine I found at the Arc.
It was the highlight of the party, for sure!

 If there was audio with these pictures,
it'd be squeals of delight.
They were all SO excited!

Cheap decorations, a few activities for the kids, yummy pizza, 
and the sweetest friends and family a girl could ask for.
All in all, a really great way to celebrate my girl.


Katie K. said...

I love the pic of all the guys. Is even one of them smiling? Ha!

Brad & Rachel said...

So many things to say! Alice's sweet face in the picture with her face pained, love it! So sweet!
It looked like such a fun party with the wings and the bubble machine, how whimsical!
And the cake, too amazing! i LOVE it! Definitely post info on who made the cake as that would be worth traveling for!

WeeMason's Mom said...

What a wonderful fun party! Loved all the bubbles pictures, so cute! Happy happy belated birthday!